I am passionate about helping people connect to their loved ones by providing evidence that they are still with you and supporting you on your journey. 

psychic medium 

YOUR loved ones & team of light ARE HERE TO help & provide guidance.

I am honored to connect you to these beautiful souls. 

MY story

After finding deep healing through connecting to my brother through a psychic medium, I worked to develop my own mediumship gifts. 

Initially, I worked to develop these gifts as a way to connect with my brother on my own and to connect with my own team of light for guidance and support. 

In parallel, I was also starting to question my purpose and the greater meaning of life. 

It is my honor to serve others as they journey on their own path of healing and self discovery. 

As I expanded my healing practice and continued to dive deeper in mediumship, I had the realization that everything was leading to the same point.

My healing and my purpose were intertwined and I realized that my greater purpose was to provide the same healing and peace that was gifted to me by a psychic medium.  

DURING my training, I HAD THE HONOR OF apprenticing with MARYANN DIMARCO.

 MaryAnn is a well known Psychic Medium and known as the “Medium Mentor”. 


Everything that comes through will be with the highest intent and focused on your healing, happiness and peace. 

I always want you to get the most out of our sessions so I love knowing if there are specific people or areas of your life that you want to focus on when we meet.

Of course, we will also leave time open for your team to bring through anyone or anything that they believe will be most beneficial for you. 

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